These are the people and operations that are invested in helping our cause and are helping make our voice heard.

Sandhills State Bank

Sandhills State Bank

Sandhills Beef Co.

Sandhills Beef Co.

Gabel Farms

Gabel Farms

Poppe Cattle Company

Poppe Cattle Company

AUDIO: Kyle Arganbright, Co-founder and Executive VP of Sandhills State Bank discusses commoditized beef

Kyle Arganbright discusses how the cattle industry has tried to commoditize beef. High-quality beef should be earning a premium, but that isn’t the case because of packer concentration.

AUDIO: Brett Crosby, U.S. Cattlemen’s Association board member discusses the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2021

Brett Crosby, U.S. Cattlemen’s Association board member discusses the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2021. Crosby explains that the goal of this legislation is price discovery, which will give those who negotiate cash trade the information they need to price their animals accordingly.

AUDIO: Interview with Gilles Stockton, cattle and sheep rancher in Grass Range, MT

Gilles Stockton discusses how vertical integration has already taken out thousands of independent cattle feeders. Cow calf producers are feeling vertical integration through subtle instances such as the USDA pushing for mandatory RFID tags and the push for certain bloodlines.

VIDEO: Discussion with Oklahoma rancher Jerod McDaniel

Jerod McDaniel believes that the mess we have in the cattle industry is one that can’t be untangled. It’s obvious that the system is rigged, but for some reason we all continue to play. “A lot of the cattle industry problems fall right at the feet of the producers themselves who have refused to take the bull by the horns and say we aren’t going to take this anymore.”

AUDIO: Montana Senator Steve Daines discusses the new U.S. administration  

U.S. Senator Steve Daines of Montana discusses how the cattle industry needs to reinstate MCOOL. Senator Daines also touches on the market manipulation we’re seeing from the packers and how the Biden Administration’s Green New Deal will affect agriculture.

VIDEO: Members of R-CALF Board of Directors discuss the new Cattle Industry Long Range Plan

RCALF USA recently launched their Cattle Industry Long Range Plan that includes strategies to promote profitability and prosperity for family-owned and family-operated cattle operations. The plan also focuses on increasing profitability in America’s rural communities.

AUDIO: Farm Broadcaster Colonel Jon Phillips discusses the large battles facing the cattle industry

Colonel Jon Phillips explains how captive supply is driving our industry towards vertical integration. He also touches on the need for cattle producers to get involved with industry issues and to ask themselves what they’re doing to improve the industry.

AUDIO: Jim Jensen of Lucky 7 Angus, “We all know the best environmentalists in the world are those of us in agriculture.”

Jim Jensen discusses how his operation focuses on feed efficiency, which has produced an animal with phenomenal carcass traits and a product that is environmentally friendly. He also touches on MCOOL, the beef checkoff referendum and how an upcoming Biden Administration may impact agriculture.

AUDIO: Bryan Gill of Gill Red Angus, “Our congressmen need to decide if feeding the country is more important than lining their pockets.”

Bryan Gill discusses how the cattle industry needs to come together if we want to solve our issues. He believes that too much money is passing through lobbyists’ hands. The industry has groups that claim to represent cattle producers, but their actions say otherwise.

AUDIO: Auctioneer Quest Flesner discusses the value of MCOOL

Quest Flesner believes that the cattle industry needs to reinstate MCOOL so consumers will be able to know where their beef is coming from. He also discusses how our industry must find a way to achieve true price discovery in our cattle markets if we want to avoid vertical integration.

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