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Poppe Cattle Company

Poppe Cattle Company

Gabel Farms

Gabel Farms

AUDIO: Michael Schmitt explains how the Chicago Mercantile Exchange drastically affects the cattle market

Michael Schmitt explains how the CME was once established to manage risk in the cattle markets, but has instead turned into a roller coaster that creates huge swings in the markets.

VIDEO: Steve Stratford of Pratt Livestock discusses importance of beef checkoff reform

Steve Stratford explains how the beef checkoff worked for the whole industry when it was first implemented, but today producers are seeing very little benefit from the program while packer’s margins have increased to exorbitant amounts.

AUDIO: Dustin Aherin talks about his report, “The Case for Capacity”

Dustin Aherin talks about the need for additional packing capacity in the cattle industry. His recent report, “The Case for Capacity,” explains the benefits that come along with adding capacity and the consequences of not doing so.

VIDEO: Attorney Harriet Hageman, “The reality is that the U.S. beef and cattle industry is the safest in the world, we’re importing our problems.”  

Harriet Hageman discusses how the cattle industry is facing a monopolistic situation with the four big beef packers. She feels that this fundamental problem must be addressed in order to avoid vertical integration.

VIDEO: Trey Wasserburger, “The DOJ’s investigation into the big four beef packers is the industry’s only hope.”

Trey Wasserburger discusses how the industry needs to come together and get behind the DOJ investigation, as it is our only hope to save the industry. He also talks about Agri Stats, Inc., a data-sharing firm that has blatantly exhibited collusion in both the chicken and hog industries.

VIDEO: Trey Wasserburger discusses how packer concentration has led to the inability to kill cattle

“There are a lot of undermining issues within the cattle industry, but none of that matters if we don’t figure out the concentration at the packer level.” Trey Wasserburger discusses how packer concentration has led to the inability to kill cattle, something we have never seen before. He also explains that formulas and captive supply have resulted in little to no true price discovery in the cash cattle market.

AUDIO: Fred Wacker, President of the Montana Stockgrower’s Association, explains why RFID tags could be beneficial

Fred Wacker, President of Montana Stockgrowers Association, explains how RFID tags will not only benefit producers from a traceability standpoint, but also as a marketing tool.

AUDIO: Brooke Miller, “If this continues, we’ll become dependent on multi-national and foreign companies for our food sources.”

Brooke Miller explains how packers have done an excellent job monopolizing the market. He feels that packer concentration must be addressed if the cattle industry wants to avoid vertical integration.

VIDEO: Follow up Interview with Corbitt Wall regarding RFID ear tags, fall projections, election

Corbitt Wall explains how mandatory RFID tags will cause more cattle producers to be forced from the industry. He also talks about what to expect for the calf market heading into this fall and the fat cattle market through the rest of 2020.

VIDEO: Jon Schaben discusses mandatory RFID ear tags, market outlook and more

Jon Schaben explains how producers will pay for the government to know everything about their operations if mandatory RFID tags are implemented. He feels that this move will put the cattle industry one step closer to vertical integration.

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