These are the people and operations that are invested in helping our cause and are helping make our voice heard.

Sandhills State Bank

Sandhills State Bank

Sandhills Beef Co.

Sandhills Beef Co.

Gabel Farms

Gabel Farms

Poppe Cattle Company

Poppe Cattle Company

AUDIO: Farm Broadcaster Colonel Jon Phillips discusses the large battles facing the cattle industry

Colonel Jon Phillips explains how captive supply is driving our industry towards vertical integration. He also touches on the need for cattle producers to get involved with industry issues and to ask themselves what they’re doing to improve the industry.

AUDIO: Jim Jensen of Lucky 7 Angus, “We all know the best environmentalists in the world are those of us in agriculture.”

Jim Jensen discusses how his operation focuses on feed efficiency, which has produced an animal with phenomenal carcass traits and a product that is environmentally friendly. He also touches on MCOOL, the beef checkoff referendum and how an upcoming Biden Administration may impact agriculture.

AUDIO: Bryan Gill of Gill Red Angus, “Our congressmen need to decide if feeding the country is more important than lining their pockets.”

Bryan Gill discusses how the cattle industry needs to come together if we want to solve our issues. He believes that too much money is passing through lobbyists’ hands. The industry has groups that claim to represent cattle producers, but their actions say otherwise.

AUDIO: Auctioneer Quest Flesner discusses the value of MCOOL

Quest Flesner believes that the cattle industry needs to reinstate MCOOL so consumers will be able to know where their beef is coming from. He also discusses how our industry must find a way to achieve true price discovery in our cattle markets if we want to avoid vertical integration.

AUDIO: Nebraska cattle rancher Karina Jones, “We have to become our own lobbyists and call out the corruption.”

Karina Jones discusses how lawmakers in Washington D.C. are too far removed from what is truly going on within the cattle industry. She believes that every producer needs to get involved and go after those big asks in hopes of saving our industry.

AUDIO: Jay Nordhausen, Co-owner of Ogallala Livestock Auction Market discusses market outlook for 2021

Jay Nordhausen shares his thoughts on how the pandemic and drought have impacted the cull cow market. He also touches on what producers should expect with the bred female market throughout the rest of the year and into 2021.

VIDEO: Austin Snedden and Carson Jorgensen discuss the consequences of a democratic administration

In this joint conversation, Austin Snedden and Carson Jorgensen discuss how agriculture will be impacted by a democratic administration, the push to do away with CAFOs, the importance of those in agriculture telling their story and various other issues facing agriculture today.

AUDIO: Discussion with Mike Eby, Executive Director of Organization for Competitive Markets 

Mike Eby, Executive Director of OCM, discusses packer concentration, beef imports, the DOJ investigation into our big four beef packers and recent comments made by NCBA claiming that OCM is a “domestic terrorist organization.”

AUDIO: Cattle Rancher Austin Snedden explains how the USDA has contributed to packer consolidation

Austin Snedden explains how the USDA has contributed to packer consolidation. He also discusses the inaccurate labeling of beef by USDA and the need for MCOOL in the cattle industry.

AUDIO: Cattle Feeder Troy Stowater explains NCBA’s voluntary framework to achieve robust price discovery

Troy Stowater explains NCBA’s voluntary framework to achieve robust price discovery and how their seventy-five percent approach is adequate enough to make the packers compete.

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