Current Cattle Markets Daily Headlines : Thursday Evening April 30, 2020

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R-Calf’s MCOOL Petition Gains 250k Signatures in 7 Days

  • Through a letter, R-calf is urging President Trump and Congress to determine if the packing industry should be decentralized.
  • Restricted market access, depressed prices for America’s cattle farmers and ranchers, lack of available beef in some or many American grocery stores, and record beef prices for consumers have revealed that the US must immediately begin the development of strategic, national food production, processing and distribution policy that can meet America’s food security interests
  • R-calf feels that food security interests are the most viral of all interests here in America.
  • The letter explains that the closure of one or two plants should not destroy the livelihoods of America’s cattle producers or disrupt America’s access to beef.


Grand Island Mayor Roger Steele, asking for Federal Assistance and U.S. Ag. Secretary Sonny Perdue to visit–570081611.html

  • Mayor Roger Steele of Grand Island, NE is requesting President Trump to provide adequate testing and continual testing for all those workers at the JBS plant in Grand Island.
  • There have been 1,100 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in central Nebraska, 37 deaths, with 10 of those deaths occurring on Wednesday.
  • “If you’re going to order a meat processing plant to remain open 24 hours of the day, then you should have dedicated testers assigned to that plant, rather than once in a while we have testers in our city,” said Mayor Steele.


Boxed beef continues to skyrocket

  • Choice boxed beef ended the day at $367.56


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