Current Cattle Market Daily Headlines for December 17, 2020

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R-CALF completes first-ever cattle producers’ long-range plan

  • The Board of Directors of R-CALF USA has spent the last several weeks developing the first ever long-range plan for cattle producers- the Cattle Industry Long Range Plan.
    • The plan was developed as a response to 2020’s unprecedented abnormalities in the U.S. cattle market, and the lack of responsiveness from either policymakers or the beef industry to take corrective actions.
  • The Cattle Industry Long Range Plan is a five-year roadmap for U.S. cattle producers, which allow producers to measure their industry’s success as the plan unfolds.
  • The plan provides strategies that promote profitability and prosperity for family-owned and family-operated cattle operations. It also promotes profitability in America’s rural communities.
    • Additionally, it focuses on preserving cattle producers’ freedoms and liberties by ensuring they remain free to make their own production and marketing decisions.
  • The Cattle Industry Long Range Plan is quite different than the beef packers “Beef Industry Long Range Plan” that was released earlier this year.
    • The Beef Industry Long Range Plan was paid for by cattle producers’ beef checkoff dollars and it attempts to force U.S. cattle producers into compliance with the beef packer’s plan to control cattle producers through strategies that increase production costs.
  • According to Region 3 Director, Brett Kenzy, it has become apparent that no one outside of the cattle industry will be stepping in to fix our depressed cattle markets. That is why R-CALF has stepped up to develop a realistic plan to create a more profitable future for independent U.S. cattle producers.


Chairman Roberts receives NCBA’s Capitol Hill Top Hand Award

  • On Tuesday, NCBA presented U.S. Senator and Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee, Pat Roberts (R-KS) with the Capitol Hill Top Hand Award.
    • This award recognizes his long career of fighting for cattle producers and rural communities throughout this time as a senator.
  • According to NCBA President Marty Smith, Chairman Roberts is a pillar in the cattle industry and there is no one more deserving of the award. Throughout his career, he helped cattle producers in every way possible, stated Smith.


Cattle on feed pre-report

  • Cattle on Feed pre-report estimates were released this week and analysts are expecting tighter supplies ahead in the April-May timeframe.
  • The average analyst estimate indicated placements are down in November, with the average coming in right around 170,000 hd. below 2019.
  • Marketings in November are expected to decline compared to last year.
    • November had the same number of slaughter days, but marketed animals are expected to be just 97.9 percent of a year ago.
  • As of last year, daily average marketings were over 90,000 hd. per day. The average pre-report estimates expect daily average marketings to fall to 76,000 hd. per day.
  • Placements in November are expected to be 91.8 percent of year-ago levels.
    • Driving factors behind lower placements are lower feeder imports from Mexico. Canada’s feeder imports did increase, but not enough to offset declines from Mexico.
    • Additionally, weekly feeder cattle auction receipts also showed declines in November.
      • Volumes dropped by about 80,000 hd. from last year
    • Early December volumes indicate feeder cattle sales activity has picked up across all channels.
  • Overall, analyst’s projections show that cattle on feed have worked back down to year-ago levels; this would suggest that feedlots are mostly current.
    • Over the past couple of weeks, dressed weights peaked, confirming feedlots being current.
    • With that being said, good cattle feeding performance has kept dressed weights above 2019 levels.
      • Last week, steer dressed weights came in at 921 lbs., 10 lbs. higher than last year.


Boxed beef prices

  • Choice boxed beef: $207.33 (-1.60)
  • Select boxed beef: $192.09 (-0.11)




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