Current Cattle Market Daily Headlines for November 4, 2020

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Dairy Farmers of America has rolled out its Dairy+ Milk Blends combining plant-based and dairy milk to the Northeast

  • Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) has released its Dairy+ milk blends made up of lactose-free milks featuring 50:50 blends of plant-based milk and cow’s milk to the Northeast region.
  • This new milk blend has 6-8g of sugar and 5g of protein per serving. For comparison, regular milk contains 13 g of sugar and 10 g of protein.
    • According to the DFA, this new product offers the same taste and nutrition as regular dairy milk without the sugar and extra calories.
  • The new product is currently being tested in selected retailers in the Minneapolis area.
  • According to Rachel Kyllo, senior vice president of marketing innovation with DFA, consumers are interested in plant-based milk alternatives, but they aren’t satisfied with the taste or nutrition provided by the alternatives.


Scientists was tax on meat and livestock for pandemic prevention

  • According to a study released by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, lawmakers need to put a tax on livestock production and meat consumption to reduce the risk of future deadly pandemics.
  • The study explains that meat consumption increases the chance of a pandemic. It also states that recent influenza outbreaks and new pandemic strains have emerged because of the dense production of poultry and pigs in certain parts of the world.
  • The group believes these taxes are needed to protect nature. They believe that overconsumption of meat is bad for a person’s health and unsustainable for our environment.
  • Peter Daszak, a zoologist that chaired the study, said that if a change isn’t made soon, pandemics will emerge more often, spread faster, cost more, and kill more people than Covid-19.


Adams on Agriculture featuring NCBA CEO, Colin Woodall

  • Colin Woodall, NCBA CEO, was recently featured on Adams on Agriculture podcast where he covered topics ranging from domestic terrorists to negotiated trade.
  • Adams began by asking him why NCBA did not attend last week’s meetings in Florida to discuss current cattle market issues.
    • Woodall replied saying that it wasn’t just beef industry groups at the meetings, the Organization for Competitive Markets was in attendance and they are not a producer group. The OCM is funded by HSUS and almost all of their leadership has HSUS ties.
    • He went on to say that NCBA did not attend because the organization “does not negotiate with terrorists.” OCM is a domestic terrorist organization that is out to hurt cattle producers, not help them.
  • Adams then asked Woodall about NCBA’s voluntary framework to increase negotiated cash trade and the divide that NCBA is experiencing since many state affiliates have signed onto a letter supporting mandated cash trade.
    • Woodall responded saying NCBA is all about more price discovery in order to allow producers to have as much information as possible to make marketing decisions. Even though numerous state affiliates have taken a different stance on the issue, NCBA is not divided.
    • Woodall closed by saying that NCBA is working closely with the USDA to get the necessary reports that they will need to gauge whether or not the industry is meeting those robust numbers for price discovery.


Boxed beef prices;

  • Choice boxed beef: $209.44 (+0.79)
  • Select boxed beef: $195.45 (+2.83)


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