Current Cattle Market Daily Headlines: Monday July 6, 2020

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China halts imports from two more Brazil meat plants amid Covid-19 concerns

  • China has suspended imports from two Brazilian pork plants owned by JBS and BRF. This suspension comes at a time when the country continues to have concerns of the coronavirus being transmitted through food.
  • Both processing plants are located in Brazil’s southern Rio Grande do Sul state.
  • Brazil is currently dealing with the second worst Covid-19 outbreak in the world, right behind the U.S.
  • China is the largest buyer of Brazilian pork, beef and chicken. The country has requested that all meat exporters globally certify their products are coronavirus free.
  • A total of six Brazilian meat-processing plants have now been blocked from exporting to China due to the rising concerns of Covid-19.


Peterson praises USMCA, but emphasizes problems with Canadian trade

  • Last week, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, said the implementation of USMCA is a positive for the U.S., however there are already problems because Canada is refusing to allow his constituents to drive through Canadian territory to get to a tiny piece of Minnesota that lies north of the 49th
  • On a Zoom event to celebrate the implementation of USMCA, Peterson said the U.S. must to be vigilant because there are signs out there of Mexico and Canada using Covid-19 to avoid some of its rules.
  • Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin feels that USMCA “is not a cure-all” for U.S. trade problems. He thinks it would be best for the U.S. to find a way to get back into the Trans Pacific Partnership because so much of the growth in the world is in the Pacific.
  • Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa stated that Canada and Mexico are the two top agricultural trading partners for the U.S. There is more trade with Canada and Mexico than with the next 27 trading partners.


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