Current Cattle Markets Daily Headlines for Friday, July 10, 2020

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Polis appoints activist to vet board, signs egg bill

  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis has appointed Ellen Kessler to the public at large position on the State Board of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Kessler is a self-proclaimed animal rights activist. Her commentary on social media includes claims that she is “Vegan AF” and “Extreme. Annoying. Vegan.”
  • Kessler recently posted support of the signed HB 10-1343 Egg-laying Hen Confinement Standards. She feels this house bill is a baby step “to get to the true goal of animal lovers and that is to not keep chickens for eggs nor food.”
    • HB 10-1343 requires all eggs sold in the state of Colorado to come from a cage free environment.
  • Senator Jerry Sonnenberg is concerned with the bill restricting the sale of eggs from other states that do not meet the same standards, creating an interstate commerce violation. He worries that this bill may set up producers of all livestock for the same restrictions.
  • The cost for egg producers to make the shift to cage-free systems will be about $30 per hen. Colorado has a statewide flock numbering about 5.5 million.


Representatives Axne, Finkenauer, Loebsack introduce legislation to improve price transparency in cattle markets

  • Yesterday, Iowa Representatives Cindy Axne, Abby Finkenauer, and Dave Loebsack introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to increase transparency in U.S. cattle markets and spur added price discovery and competition for Iowa producers using cash markets.
  • This bill would require packers to purchase a minimum of 50% of their weekly slaughter from cash market sales. Increased cash market sales will give independent cattle producers a level playing field with formula-contracted cattle purchases.
  • Iowa Cattlemen’s Association President Richard Godrey feels that this proposal will help return some much-needed leverage to independent cattle producers across America.
  • This House bill is a companion to Senator Grassley’s 50/14 legislation he introduced earlier this year.


Boxed beef prices

  • Choice boxed beef: $203.59 (-0.24)
  • Select boxed beef: $194.83 (-0.69)


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